Takis Shelter in the News

26/09/2019 - Yahoo - Businessman gives up his job to rescue starving dogs abandoned on streets

12/09/2019 - The Epoch Times - Puppy Tied Up in a Yard and Abandoned for Weeks Without Food or Water Gets Forever Home

30/08/2019 - Esquire - Takis Prestakis has saved more than 1,000 animals in his Cretan refuge

20/05/2019 - Good News Network - Six Years After Fateful Encounter at a Local Landfill, Man Has Rescued Hundreds of Abandoned Dogs

23/04/2019 - Wamiz UK - Wandering DJ rescues injured pup — then devotes his life to saving dogs

22/04/2019 - CBS News - Man devotes life to saving dogs — after a chance encounter at garbage dump

22/04/2019 - MSN - Man devotes life to rescuing hundreds of dogs

17/03/2019 - WDR - Tierschutz Griechenland: Mehr als 300 Tiere leben in Takis Shelter

28/02/2019 - The Dodo - Man Pulls Puppies Out Of Trash Every Single Day

19/02/2019 - Greek Reporter - Takis’ Shelter: The Greek Man Who Devotes His Life to Animals

04/01/2019 - The Dodo - Man Saves Tiny Puppies From Dumpster

20/09/2018 - Daily Telegraph - Blind Dog at Crete Shelter Plays with Her Puppies

12/09/2018 - NTDTV - Greek man gives up his profession to save dogs, has saved ‘about 500’ insofar

12/09/2018 - Ripley - Guy Gives Up Everything To Save Stray Dogs

1/09/2018 - Positivr - GRÈCE : Il Sauve Des Centaines d'Animaux Abandonnés Durant La Crise

31/08/2018 - The Washington Post - Crete shelter rescues abandoned golden retriever puppies

23/08/2018 - The Western Journal - 50 Starving Pups in Dump Have No Place To Go, So He Gives Up Job To Save Them All

18/08/2018 - The Dodo - Guy Gives Up Everything To Save Stray Dogs

24/03/2018 - Mutually.com - You Just Wouldn’t Believe How Many Dogs This Man Rescued

27/06/2017 - Euronews - 'People ask: why do you help the dogs? Do you sell them for meat?'

06/01/2017 - New Tang Dynasty TV - This business man sacrificed all his life savings to rescue over 200 abandoned dogs

23/02/2016 - Apokoronas News - Gosport dog lover helps Crete shelter find homes for strays

16/02/2016 - One Green Planet - From Starving and Abused to Thriving and Loved, How One Man is Changing the World for Greek Stray Dogs (VIDEO)

16/11/2015 - SBS - Theoklitos Proestakis rescues over 200 abandoned dogs

13/10/2015 - Neos Kosmos - Greek animal lover gives up job to found a dog shelter

07/10/2015 - The Telegraph - Dentist rescues over 200 abandoned dogs following the Greek financial crisis

07/10/2015 - Daily Mail - The dentist who's best friend to 200 dogs: Animal-lover gives up his job to rescue pets left to starve in the scorching sun after crisis-hit Greeks abandon them

The Washington Post - Theoklitos Proestakis, a former dentist who runs an animal shelter on the Greek island of Crete, shared videos Aug. 28 of golden retriever puppies being rescued from where they were found in bushes on the side of the road.

Barrel dogs in Crete

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