I have a lot of respect for you and you do this for the animals, you have a heart of gold and you are indispensable for these animals.
— Matthijs, Netherlands

Donating so you can feed and get medical help for the furbabies! Thank you for all you have done.
— Connie, United States

I have never seen such happy dogs who simply adored Takis because he loved them all, and you could see they were well looked after and obedient when he told them to behave. They have plenty of room because there are acres and acres of land; and although there is a main fence around the land, the animals are not penned in, they are free to roam, and they do have individual kennels.
— Rita, England

The shelter is incredibly clean and well organized.
— Glynnis, Crete

Please if you can adopt. The dogs from Takis are so lovely. They are happy in the shelter. But a own home is better.
— Willy, Friesland

Giggles and Wiggles abound..
— Vee, United States

You, Sir, have found your purpose and I adore what you do every day. You are their hero, and a better human ‘being’ than many of us. Thank you for all you do.
— Lisa, Canada

You are a real hero ... You saved so many already; Hope, Nero, Sunny and so many many others like our Paula! I can never ever thank you enough for that ...Cause she brings joy to our lives every single day! You will have my support always! Im in awe of you.
— Astrid, Germany

I have no doubt that God has chosen him to do this work. He is an example to all men and women on how God wishes us all to be. KIND AND LOVING.
I admire this man.
— Serafim, Greenland
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Please, #AdoptDontShop